Approaching Vaping From The Perspective Of Efficiency

If you are interested in vaping but haven’t yet tried it out, then you no doubt have a lot of questions. Ask 10 people who vape, and you will get 10 different responses regarding what product you get and why. While people will quote things like price and selection, this doesn’t always interest every consumer on the market. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to discuss vaping from the perspective of efficiency.

What does this mean? Well, different vaporizers have different efficiencies. For example, they will use more or less of the product available. While a bigger deal for those using vaporizers for cannabis, it is still important for those who are interested in using them for e-juice. So, let’s take a moment and describe what to be aware of when finding the most efficient vaporizer for your needs. Need more information on portable vapes? The check out for reviews and more.

Conduction, Convection, And Beyond

Typically speaking, the majority of loose leaf and dried herb vaporizers use either a conduction or convection method of heating. Conduction is where metal heats metal, producing the heat required to burn the herb. Convection is where gas or liquid is heated in order to burn the product. Typically, convection is considered a more efficient option for dried herbs and flowers. However, if you are interested in e-juice, then you won’t have to worry about this.

There are countless e-juice pens out there that function in such a way as to remove the issue of conduction or convection. Instead, you get a similar system across products, guaranteeing a level of quality every time you use it.

For getting into the nitty gritty of efficiency, different models will matter. Even when you purchase vape juice wholesale, you will still benefit from having a vape pen that uses everything that you have in the cartridge. Without that, you will waste a lot of money, and even risk some of the product being lost as you are using it. With both equally unsatisfying options, there is a far better way.

Finding The Right Vape Pen For You

vape penThere are two ways to keep down your costs when considering e-juice. The first is to research a vape pen that works for you. The second is to buy bulk e juice. Vape pens differ dramatically based on who is manufacturing them. You can sometimes find really good deals on expensive vape pens, saving you lot of money while getting a product you can rely on. While cheaper vape pens may be appealing, remember the materials that go into the product and its design dictate that price. With cheaper costs comes far less usability.

The other thing to consider is getting your vape juice wholesale. Thankfully, you have several options out there. Again you will want to spend some time researching what is available to you. The more you read positive reviews about a company, the more you can be sure that the product they are selling lives up to their claims. By buying bulk e juice, you can save a great deal on each individual one, providing you a supply for some time to come.

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The Basics of Cloud Chasing

Often times, people turn to vaping to escape the evils of smoking. Those who truly fall in love with the practice move on into cloud chasing, which is a competitive version of vaping. There are lots of great prizes and achievements to be won in the world of cloud chasing, but a lot of people simply do it for the fun it brings. If you want to learn how to become a competitive vaper, understand the basics of competitive vaping to better prepare yourself for chasing clouds.

Pax 2 Vape Review
Pax 2 Vape Review

The Basics of Cloud Chasing

  1. You Need to Practice – It is rare to come across an athlete or player who doesn’t practice their discipline before heading out into a competition. Competitive vaping is a sport as much as it is a recreational pastime, so make sure you practice before you sign up for those events. There is a certain skill to puffing big, dense clouds of smoke and oftentimes, you will need to prepare your abilities and your lung capacity before you can impress judges and onlookers. Make sure you practice your cloud chasing skills before the big day to save yourself from looking like a rookie out on the stage.

  2. You Need to Buy a Decent Build – Competitive vaping doesn’t simply depend on how well you can inhale and exhale from a vape – the build you choose greatly affects the density and size of your clouds. Some vapes are much better at creating impressive puffs of smoke while others are simply intended for recreational use. If you want to become the best competitive vaper, then you should definitely take time to build a good rig. Some of the things you need to consider are the battery, the e-liquid your vape uses, the atomizer, mod, wicking, and coil build among others. Make sure each component will bring about the best results and will maximize your capacity to create clouds. A lot of this information is better covered @

  3. You Need to Prepare for Losing – Losing is a normal part of any competitive sport. Because cloud chasing has been around for a few years now, there are some people who are close to perfecting the sport. Then there are those with greater lung capacities who can inhale larger volumes from their vapes giving them an obvious advantage over those who aren’t so gifted in the lung department. Don’t think that cloud chasing is all that easy – there are lots of things you need to learn and practice before you join the big leagues. Prepare yourself for losing and be real with your expectations. Treat every opportunity as a learning experience and strive to improve your skill.

What Makes E-Juice A Healthier Alternative

ecigarette_juice-8The refillable electronic cigarettes are nothing like the typical tobacco cigarettes. These smoking devices may look like the usually tobacco cigarettes – slim, white body with an orange tip. Moreover, the ends of the refillable electronic cigarettes light up when you use the cigarettes.

Although these refillable electronic cigarettes may look like the ones you see in the past, the cigarettes are very different. These cigarettes contain e-juice or the special liquid in the cigarette. The ejuice makes these electronic cigarettes very special. In fact, many adore the e juice once they have tasted it. The e-juice in refillable electronic cigarettes makes the smoking device a much healthier option. The e-juice lets you have a smoke that contains less nicotine. Even if the ejuice may be delicious, you can still opt for cigarettes with less nicotine content.

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Safe and harmless– Refillable electronic cigarettes are much better to use than tobacco cigarettes. This type of cigarette uses e-juice that contains safe and harmless chemicals. You will find the refillable electronic cigarettes ideal to use because of the health benefits of the ejuice. You no longer have to fear to get serious illnesses because of the ejuice.

No smoke– Another benefit of the refillable electronic cigarettes is the fact that the cigarettes do not cause secondhand smoke and odor. You can smoke even with people around because the refillable electronic cigarettes do not produce any harmful smoke and odor. The e-juice heats up when you use the cigarette. Then, the ejuice merely produces a thin vapor or mist that is not harmful at all – even when inhaled. Because of the good features of ejuice, you will find the cigarette quite convenient to use – even with people around.

Friendly to the environment– You can also treat the environment kindly if you decide to use electronic cigarettes. There is no such thing as secondhand smoking with refillable electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes contain e-juice that makes all the difference in the cigarette. The ejuice does not contain harmful chemicals that can hurt anyone’s health. Moreover, the e-juice is safe to the environment. The vapor is completely harmless to the atmosphere. Thus, each time the e-juice releases vapor or mist, you are not adding up to the problem of air pollution.

An array of choices– The ejuice allows you to choose the flavor of the cigarette. You can purchase the e juice with different taste. This feature is definitely excellent because a typical tobacco cigarette has only limited taste. Hence, many people love refillable electronic cigarettes because of the superb e juice these contain.

With electronic cigarettes, you no longer need to run to the nearest smoking area just to enjoy a good smoke when you feel the urge. Electronic cigarettes do not produce an annoying smoke that causes harm to the body when inhaled. The only thing that you see coming out of these cigarettes is the very thin vapor that disappears easily. Moreover, the vapor is not harmful to the health. It does not even come with a foul odor that can be rather annoying. Because of this feature, you can stay fresh all the time even after smoking. The people around you can also benefit from the good benefits of the cigarettes that you would want to try using for yourself.

Many people have been discovering the great features of the E-liquid in electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes are definitely good for the health because of the absence of thousands of harmful chemicals in the cigarettes. If you compare the electronic cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes, you will realize how healthy it is to use the former. This type of cigarette may look exactly like the ones with tobacco content. However, the actual features of e-cigarettes are very different from tobacco cigarettes.

Because of the great benefits of refillable electronic cigarettes, you will definitely find it ideal to try this type of cigarette for yourself. The e-juice makes the cigarette the healthy smoking device that you could possibly ever use. There is no danger caused to the environment, your body and the other people’s. Hence, you can freely enjoy the delightful taste and feeling of smoking without the harmful effects.

Try visiting your favorite cigarette store and enjoy the wonderful benefits offered by the electronic cigarettes. You will certainly love the fact that you can smoke as much as you want without being a nuisance to others or to the environment.