Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The tragedy of Syria and Obama's response to it.

As I continue to watch this president deal with the scandals and crises of his tenure, I am convinced more everyday that, either he is so politicized and sold out to a leftist ideology, or he has no clue about how to lead. Perhaps the inexperience that characterized his first term is so deep that even into a second term he still has no clue. I felt compelled to write a blog on the crisis in Syria. Given that I am by nationality a Lebanese man I watch with careful attention the events in Syria, Lebanon's neighbor. Thus far, this savage dictator, Bashar al-Assad has terrorized his own people and most recently murdered men, women and children with sarin gas. Well over 100,000 people have died thus far in the civil war. How can I get my head around this in order to write an intelligent blog? That was my question. Then I came across the link below and concluded that I could not say or write it any better than did Judge Jeanine Pirro. So here it is my friends. It is well worth listening to this all the way through. I wish I could say "enjoy" but instead I say "weep for our nation."

Commentary by Judge Jeanine Pirro 


  1. Yeah, Judge Jeanine always lays out the truth in succinct, articulate, common sense language like few other people have! And, as I saw pictures in August of Syrian Victims with foam coming out of their mouths, I DID weep ! Also, wept the day Barak H. Obama got elected by our blinded Country. Our only hope is Jesus and I hope He comes back soon!